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I’m Kristina Murphy , The Owner of “Little Shop Of Ink” 

On the business side , I’ve been in the tattoo & beauty industry for 10+ years ! I began my career as a tattoo artist because I love to create art. I began to have interest in the beauty industry in 2013 . This is when I decided to become an Esthetician and began working in a beauty studio providing Individual Lash Extensions , Body Waxing & Tattoos. Being in this industry sparked my interest in Permanent Make Up because  it brought the best of both the tattoo & the beauty world into one service . I pursued my training in Microblading & Powder Brows and I have been hooked ever since ! Since I began offering permanent make up , it has become my main focus in my career today. My passion is to give any person who walks through my studio more confidence & to feel more beautiful with any service I can provide them. 
With the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years I have decided to teach courses for Lash Extensions , Permanent Make Up & Tattoos. This has been such an amazing experience to see my students thrive with the knowledge and training I have provided them. 

On a personal side , I am a momma to two beautiful wild little boys ! They definitely keep me on my toes . They are the reason I’ve always pushed myself , & I now thrive at work. They are my inspiration to keep pushing myself to be better then I was the day before. 

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