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-Normal And Dry Skin Your aftercare will be for 10 days
-Oily skin or Combination (oily in T-Zone) will be for 7 days

Day of service (Day 1)•Every 60 minutes after the service has concluded Cleanse brows with Ink Soap Antibacterial Cleanser . Use 1 pump of cleanser on the cotton rounds provided and gently dab brows in the direction they go. Gently rinse with cool water and pat dry . (Continue this until you go to sleep)

Day 2-10
•Every morning & night you will do a cleansing routine. -With clean hands apply 1 pump of Ink Soap Antibacterial Cleanser to your finger tips , gently dab soap onto your brows from the front to the tail of your brows. Gently rinse with cool water . & Pat dry. (Never rub brows , or cause friction, always pat them dry)-Apply a rice grain size amount of After Inked moisturizer to your brows .(split the rice grain amount between each brow)
^Repeat the steps above for 10 days . 

•The Do Nots & What To Avoid 

-Do not apply any make up to the procedure site until the 7th day
-Do not pick or scratch brows during the healing process 2 -4 weeks
 -Do Not use any moisturizer , retinA ,Retinol, Vitamin C at the procedure site-Avoid Alcohol/Blood Thinners for the next 2 days (consult with your Doctor before stopping any medication)
-Avoid Lakes , Beaches , Pools, Jacuzzis , & Saunas for 7-10 days
 -Avoid Excessive sweating for 5-7 days 
-Do Not Use your Aftercare after the 7-10 days, save the remainder for your 6-8 week touch up. If you used it all then you over used the aftercare. 


After care is for 7 days

Day of service (Day 1-7)

•Cleanse lips every 1.5-2 hours with the Ink Soap Antibacterial Cleanser & cotton rounds.
 •Apply Lip Moisturizer very lightly through out the day so lips do not get overly dried out.
 •Do Not eat until after 1 hour after service has concluded
•Avoid Bacteria near the procedure site by not sharing drinks & no kissing for the first 5 days. 
•Do Not pick or bite lips during the healing process.
 •Do not apply make up to the procedure site for Atleast 5 days. 
•Stay Hydrated , drink lots of water .

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