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Everyone’s skin is different , therefore not everyone is a candidate for Microblading specifically  . Everyone’s face is not symmetrical. But we make your brows look symmetrical, remember they aren’t twins they are sisters based off your bone structure. 
Microblading is best on Dry or Normal skin. If you are not a candidate for Microblading , Powder Brows is another permanent make up option for your brows !This service can be natural or dramatic as make up and works best for all skin types . 
We always recommend scheduling a consultation appointment so we may get a better look at your skin texture , skin type & get see your existing brows in person to recommend your best options that are available for you specifically. 

~Lip Tattoo / Lip Blushing ~
We always recommend taking an Antiviral before you’re lip service. Typically this is recommended for clients who are prone to cold sores , or fever blisters , but not everyone knows if they have the virus within them. Lip trauma such as a tattoo or Lip Blushing can cause someone with cold sores to have an outbreak of not managed by an antiviral prior to their appointment. 


Let’s start by by saying not everyone does their service the same or has the same technique. 
Some botched permanent make up cannot be fixed unfortunately. Some require laser removal or more . 
But on the brighter side , some permanent make up can be fixed by a complete service redo accompanied by color correction ,saline removal or both . But our work can not be guaranteed due to a few fact such as , scar tissue , how much previous work and pigment was used prior & skin texture. 
If you have had previous work done we do require a consultation & photos to see wether we can fix the service perilously done, we need to check for scar tissue which is very important & as well as color and shape of the existing brows . 
If you’re interested in redoing/touching reach out and we can set up your first consultation & go from there . 

We look forward to working with you ! 

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