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Services We Provide 



We offer a Variety of tattoo styles that may fit your needs. Each artist specializes in a specific type of artwork. For more information on what styles they work with please visit their instagram or give us a call to see which artist would be best for the tattoo you’d like to have done . Price is  based on the area , the size and artwork desired . 


Price is determined by each artist. Shop Minimum is $125


Permanent Make Up (Brows & Lips)

This is the process of infusing pigment into the skin to simulate the appearance of natural hair or a powdery make up look to the brows to create fuller ,more dense brows. It is considered a cosmetic tattoo and permanent makeup . There are a few options when it comes to this service such as “Microblading” (Hair Strokes) , “Powder Brows” ( Make Up Brow Look) , or a Combination Brow ( Microblading & Powder Brow Shading) for the best of both services . 
Every brow service is done in two session to insure you have the best results that will maintain 1.5-3 years before an annual color boost session.


Price is determined by each artist & their level of expertise.



A semi permanent individual lash service to enhance the natural lashes to give them the appearance of bolder fuller lashes . This service can be as natural or as bold as the client desires. 2-3 week Fills are required to keep up the appearance of the lash extensions.

Full sets starting at $160


Get a whiter smile with our Beaming White Teeth Whitening Service ! This is enamel safe teeth whitening ! Get up to 10 shades whiter in one session!! Service time is 1-1.5 hours 


Close up of man opening steril equipment for piercing. Piercings getting ready for Procedu

Full Body Piercings

We want you to feel secure and comfortable when you get pierced.that’s why we have industry standard safety procedures , and take every precaution to make sure our equipment , jewelry , and environment are sanitary and healthy.

All body piercing are in titanium , gold, rose gold or white gold . Using the highest quality for our clientele.

We Offer all piercings for any part of the body .

Eyebrow Wax

Full Body Waxing 

Hair removal service by applying hard wax to unwanted hair to remove. We use hard wax at our studio because it is safe for all skin types and is perfect for sensitive skin.  We providing waxing for all areas of the body including Brazilians .

Price is based on the area being waxed , contact us for more information 



We Offer A variety of Skin Care Services and Facials to suit your exact needs.

Our Line Of Product is Osmosis MD , This Medical Grade Product provides exceptional results as well as protecting the barrier of your skin.

Some of our treatments include : Teen Facials for teens under 18 , Our Signature Vitamin A Infusion Treatment , Enzyme Chemical Peels, Booty and Vajacial Services , Micro Channeling and More!

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